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Campus Paris Toulouse

The Shanghai campus

The Shanghai campus allows ICD students to develop their skills and knowledge and helps them open up to a promising market: China. Discovering this country, its culture and its market is an added value to set up the first basis for its international experience.

The French International Business School providing training courses adapted to the chineese market

The ICD has located one of its campuses in Shanghai at the city’s most renowned university: Fudan University. This Chinese university ranks 3rd among Chinese universities and 19th on the Asian continent. It is a very selective university, increasing the value of the degree obtained.

Road to China, from the first year at the ICD, with the pre-retirement seminar organized in Asia.

An effective specialized Franco-Chinese training program

During their studies at the ICD, students can choose to apply for a Franco-Chinese course. The latter takes place in various key periods.

Language learning courses during the first two years

Language learning begins in the first year of the joint programme. Chinese is taught for 10 hours a week. In addition, there are courses to help the students prepare for the upcoming immersion in a culture that is – for the most part – totally foreign to them.

Two years of immersion in China

During the 3rd and 4th years, students will set off to study the Shanghai campus. They then further deepen their knowledge of the language and culture. At the end of the 4th year, students receive an official certificate from Fudan University.

A final year of specialization in France

Armed with these years of learning through immersion in China, students return to the 5th year level to follow one of the 9 specializations offered by the ICD in one of the French campuses.