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Education and Research

ICD has 5 educational departments directed by a Scientific and Professional Advisory Committee. This Committee coordinates the educational content of the lessons in collaboration with the entire faculty.

  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Management and organizational sociology
  • Communication and Culture
  • Law and new technologies
  • Management and Economics
    The ICD professors

  • Pierre AUBOIRON , Doctor of Art History
  • Linda BEN FEKIH Doctor in Management Sciences
  • Richard DELAYE , PhD in Management Sciences
  • Yves ENREGLE , Dean of faculty , PhD Harvard
  • Philippe FACHE , Doctor of Political Sciences
  • Alexandra GLEMEE , PhD in Management Sciences
  • Nada KACHLOUF Doctor in Management Sciences
  • Rosamaria LAURAS , PhD in Management Sciences
  • Céline THE CORROLLER , PhD in Computer Science and Communication
  • Olivier LENOIR , DEA in Management Sciences
  • Naouel Makaoui Doctorate in Management Sciencess
  • Olivier MAMAVI Doctor in Management Sciences
  • Carole MARSELLA , Doctor of Law
  • Pierre MORGAT , PhD in Management Sciences
  • Haithem Nagati Doctor in Management Sciences
  • Mathias NAUDIN Doctor in Management Sciences
  • Caroline RICH , Doctor of Management Sciences
  • Marion Vidal , PhD in Economics
  • Charles Waldman , President of the Scientific and Professional Committee , PhD Harvard
  • WEHRLE Frederick , PhD in Management Sciences
  • Romain ZERBIB Doctor in Management Sciencse

More information about our teacher and researcher The LaRA / ICD Research laboratory ensures academic excellence and pedagogical innovation. ICD has established a Scientific and Professionnal Commettee, composed of professionals, experts and academics. Research within LaRA / ICD is now developing around 3 axes:

  • The business of the marketing sector: use, practices and prospective
  • Contextual marketing
  • Management of Retail Networks and Development Strategy

The research team has already produced more than 150 scientific publications.