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MSc in International Business Development

The MSc in International Business Development welcomes recent graduates from any academic background or professionals willing to improve their core global business skills and gain cutting-edge practical knowledge in the technical field of International Trade.

This specialized program is designed for students who wish to add international business skills to their engineering, scientific or general business background. The ICD faculty share first-hand experience from working and living around the world.

Degree MSc in International Business
Duration 18 months (90 ECTS) : 2 semesters of courses / 1 semester of internship
Campus Paris
International International cohort
International internship
Courses in english
Internship 4 to 6 months

Contents of MSc in International Business Development

  • Mastering a full-fledged package of skills in International Trade

    • Custom Duties and Trade Barriers to Internationalisation
    • Export Techniques
    • International Product Launch
  • Managing cultural differences for result optimisation

    • Negotiation Strategies
    • Globalisation and Emerging Markets
    • International Marketing Strategies
  • Dealing with administrative and legal constraints in international exchanges

    • Intellectual Property Rights Challenges
    • International Corporate Taxes
    • Contracts Law (for B2B and B2C)
  • Developing and fully implementing international strategies for businesses

    • International Corporate Finance
    • International Purchasing
    • International HR Management
  • Implementing strategies adapted to customers needs

    • Managing Risks in an unstable World
    • Innovation Process
    • Business-Plan for Product Launching
  • Workshop program : applying and implementing

    • Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS)
    • Change Management
    • Entrepreneurship and Business Creation
  • Soft skills development programme

  • Projects & internship

    • Business-Game IGS Group
    • Project/Business-Case
    • Professional Thesis : Methodology Workshops
    • Professional Thesis : writing and defence
    • Internship 4 to 6 months

After the MSc in International Business Development

The MSc in International Business Development leads to careers in a wide range of fields such as business development, export area management, international retailing, purchasing, strategic business development in consulting agencies and international business unit management. Typical functions include: international business development manager, export manager, import manager, international sales manager.


  • Courses in english
  • International internship
  • Focus on strong technical skills in international trade

  • A simultaneous focus on soft skills and intercultural aspects for enhanced business development abilities
  • Learn global strategies and focus on specific cases :
    • Europe, China, India, etc.
  • The ICD atmosphere: experiential learning in smallsized groups, considerable art and cultural awareness


Our Corporate Relations and Career department helps students develop professional soft skills and allows students and alumni to plan, manage and achieve their professional goals in partnerships with companies that seek out top talent.

  • Proactive corporate relation services
  • Career Coaching workshops
  • Enterprise Career Day
  • Alumni network


  • Bachelor-level undergraduate degree in any subject with a good grade point average
  • Work experience is not compulsory
  • Fluency in English


  • Submit the application file in English

Mandatory documents :

  • Completed application form
  • CV
  • Scanned copy of your passport / visa
  • Highest degree certification and certificate of current studies
  • Transcript of your current studies
  • English language certificate (IELTS ≥ 6.5 / TOEFL ≥ 550 or equivalent)
  • An application fee of 125 euros is payable when you submit your application


As soon as your application file is registered, you will receive an email from ICD in order to schedule an interview.

Final decision

It takes up to 2 weeks following the interview for a decision to be made. An admission letter will be sent by email from ICD once the candidate is admitted.
Applicants will be judged on their application file and their interview.

Tuition fees

13 000 euros.