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Financing of studies

Students can finance part of their studies through internships and student jobs. ICD has negotiated agreements with banks for student loans.

The complement is from support provided each year by corporate partners.

2018/2019 rates:

1st year entry 9 400€ 8 900€
2nd year entry 9 700€ 9 280€
3rd year entry 10 990€ 9 990€* 1000€ optional
4th year entry 11 700€* 10 280€* + 1000€ optional
5th year entry 10 500€* 11 490€*

* 3 000€ TTC will be add for the double degrees or additional semesters in 4th and 5th year in Europe. 5 000€ TTC will be add for the double degrees or additional semesters in 4th and 5th year outside Europe.


Several solutions are available in order to help finance your studies :

  • The ICD Grande Ecole program is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research , students are eligible for scholarships for higher education granted by the state based on social criteria .
  • The ERASMUS grants helps finance international mobility in certain countries.
  • Les stages gratifiés : les différentes périodes en entreprise (stages ou missions exports) font l’objet de versements d’indemnités sur les bases contractuelles d’un accord entre l’étudiant et l’entreprise.
  • Paid internships: time spent in a company (or corporate assignments) subject to compensation or payments on contractual basis by agreement between the student and the company.
  • The different training (work-study contracts , part time) offered in the fifth year (work-study is also proposed fourth year in ICD Toulouse) lead to exemption from tuition fees for the student as well as a monthly remuneration.
  • Bank loans :loans: ICD has signed agreements with various financial institutions (BNP Paribas ,Societe Générale … ) that allow students to benefit from preferential loans and privileged repayment terms.

Student social security / Student insurance

  • Students benefit from ICD student social security and share advantages under their student status: CROUS, university cafeterias, student health insurance …